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University Vampyricus - Summer sumester starts this Tues!

Hello all, I know I have not posted in god knows how long, however here is something I think some of you would be interested in checking out.

All the best.
Father Sebastian


The University Vampyricus

Web: http://www.house-sahjaza.org

E-mail: universityvampyricus@house-sahjaza.org

University Vampyricus (U.V.) is series of seminars and discussion circles known as “kulls” presented by members of House Sahjaza to share and exchange information on the collection of teachings, traditions and philosophies of the occult and vampyre communities.

Starting Tuesday June 7th, 2005 the University Vampyricus will take place at Otto’s Shrunken Head from 8pm-10pm. Otto's is located at 538 E. 14th St. between Avenues A and B. You can take each kull individually or be involved in our entire summer program and earn a “I have been kulled certificate”.

For each kull we ask for a donation of $5 so we can cover our teaching supplies and that you obtain at least one beverage (alcohol or otherwise) from the venue as a tribute to support our cause. We have a private space with closed doors for the duration of each kull. All individuals must be at least 21 years of age or older with ID. Kulls begin promptly at 8:15pm and runs until 10pm. All are welcome to join us for Father Vincent Omega's new Black Cat noir haven after the kull.

All kulls are lead by adepts (Calmae), magisters of House Sahjaza and our abbon (allies). We have guest speakers when available on specific topics. At the end of each month we will be inviting members to ritual groups to perform at the Black Invokation noir haven.

The following is our summer 05 curriculum:

June 7th – Vamp 101 a basic introduction and overview of the vampyre subculture, traditions and philosophies from the perspective of House Sahjaza. We present the teachings of “Scroll of Elorath”.

June 14th – Prana, LifeForce, Chakras, the Subtle Reality & Energy

June 21st – Households, Covens, Knights Templar, Illuminati and Vampyric Families

June 28th – Xeper, Zhep’r, Evolution, Ascension & Becoming

July 5th – Vamp 101 (for newbie’s) – Ritual & Ceremonies for more advanced students

July 12th – Roads & Castes, vampyric energy focuses

July 19th - The Disembodied, Strigoi Morte and the Undead Gods

July 26th – Sep Tepy & other theories on the origins of vampyrism

August 2nd – Vamp 101 (for newbie’s) - Sigil Magick and 5 easy steps to control your own reality.

August 7th – The Sinister Origins of Mankind

August 14th – Paradigms, schools of thought popular amongst vampyres

August 21st – Final wrapup for the Summer 05 curriculum.

Members of all households, orders, courts, families and the casually curious are welcome to join us. Please note this is a place of learning and education, civil debate, free thought and questions are welcomed, however please leave any melodrama, community politics and intrigues at the door.

For those who are geographically challenged or miss the kulls you can download them from Sahjaza Radio at the Sahjaza website launching June 1st, 2005.

The teachings presented in these kulls will be drawn from the Scroll of Elorath (available at the House Sahjaza website) and the Sanguinomicon series of books from Rakasha Books available at the Transformatorium 104 4th Avenue (inside the Halloween Adv. Shop) and online at http://www.cafepress.com/strigoivii.

NOTICE: the kulls are NOT any formal initiation into House Sahjaza or any form of formal recognition within the scene. They are simply for informational and educational purposes and for Sahjaza to share our knowledge. Take what information you can use for yourself and your family and leave the rest.
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