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Secrets revealed!

Ave brothers, sisters, abbon, black swans and friends,

I am VERY excited about returning to NYC, this weekend coming up is going to be absolutely a big turn of events as many of the big players in the future Sanguinarium are coming together. This weekend Michelle Belanger and many Kheprians, Shishan from Quinotaur, many OSV members, Larae from Darkness Embraced, Madame X of the Dreaming, Brian Ward, Master Steelow, Don Henrie from Mad Mad House, Christian Blood & the lovely Regent Magdalena from Lazarus (for the Pax Vampyri Awards), Father Vincent of House Sabretooth Omega, etc., etc. will ALL be in NYC at LBV! This is most likely the last time this event happens for some years and is the place where the first and most recognized code of conduct for the scene began.

The best part is I know many of these people will be involved with or attending Endless Night 2004, so if you miss them this weekend we will see you down in the BIG EASY over Halloween!

First and formost I would like to personally congradulate our new community spokesperson and "posterboy" Don Henrie in from San Diego (where I was born in the same room as this absolutely fantastic gent!).

Many people are seeing a Hollywood verson of him, even I noticed that! Many people are shitting on him but he has the balls to go on TV and as contriversial as he is, it is a BIG step in the right direction. Even CSI (crime scene investigation)took place and they used many terms from the Strigoi Vii Lexicon (found in the V special edition). Everyone may not agree with it but I assure you it will in the long run be a big help.

This weekend will start with

Friday April 16th with Long Black Veil at Club Rare with a prelude discussion circle, presentation and think tank at Dom Sub Friends hosted by myself, Michelle Belanger and of course the lovely matriarch of the House of the Dreaming Madame X. This night will also see the kickoff of Clandestine / Black Gotham, the new noir haven by Master Steelow! (DONT MISS THIS NIGHT!!!)


Then Saturday a dance and evil party with everyone at Batcave (after some of us gather for a private OSV quabal).


Then Sunday April 18th is the Pax Vampyri Awards at the Slipper Room at the Court of Lazarus.


I will also be making fangs from April 13th-19th at the Transformatorium by appointment.

Then during the week I am going to be visiting many households down the East coast seaboard and meeting with many elders with Madame X. Things are going to be quite interesting. I am even going to get to see Savannah with Madame X of the Dreaming.

Followed by the first noir haven BLACK OPET MASS at the Castle in Tampa, Florida with the Order of Necropolis, the formation of the OSV Temple in Florida and of course BloodLines International. During that time I am going to do some dayside family stuff and even some tourest things. Plus meeting many of the OSV initiates and doing ritual and partying with them. I even believe Psivamp and Natasha are comng from Altanta. It is going to be a fantastic week!


More details to come and I hope you can join us for all of these festivities! My goal is to finish up my Amerian tour before I return to Amsterdam with the Kheprian Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio on the first weekend of May. This trip will also include my reports for the nomination and interviews of the first 13 Strigoi Vii magisters to the Synod's Council of Nine.

Please ignor me for my well known spyelling miskakes and horble grambar! LOL

Our goals are to be met this trip and they are outlined above. They will be met, achieved and set to benefit and challenge the ENTIRE community with Zeper, evolution, transformation and inspiration. So everyone can experience their own paths and realize their own dreams.

Love under will!

Father Sebastian Todd
IVR° Order of Kharrus
Master Fangsmith - www.fangsmith.net
Kabellah of the Synod
Co-Webmistress of VampyreAlmanac.com LOL

PS - I am excited for some REAL American food!
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