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The Vampire Survey is now online!

The wait is finally over - the online version is now available! Please spread the word near and far.

The Vampire & Energy Work Research Survey is complete and now available in either online or printed form at If you are restricted in the amount of time you have online or prefer not filling out forms that must be submitted via e-mail, the option of requesting a hard copy may better serve you. If you'd like to receive a personal copy or require multiple copies (please provide us with an affiliation for requests over 2) for either your House or local community please send your postal mailing information to:

The final release comprises 379 questions, covering 11 primary categories, and spans 74 pages. We realize this survey is lengthy, and that it calls for a serious investment of time and thought. Over four months of development and 80+ hours of editing and review have gone into the writing of the survey. We have done our best to put together questions which, when answered by members of the community, will help provide answers to questions that vampires have been asking for years, and will allow our community to be understood better by others. This is a rare chance for those who are willing to put forth the effort to benefit the entire community. Keeping in mind the scope of this project, please do not request a copy if you feel you are not up to the task. To maintain the integrity of the data, we need as many surveys to be returned to us as possible. This is an effort by the community and for the community - no loyalty of affiliation, bias, or preferential consideration is tak!
en into account in the pursuance of this community study. The results of the survey will be published in late 2006 or early 2007 as an expansive academic study.
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